The Pines Cottages is an original Cabin Court, also called Tourist Camps or Cottage Courts. When motoring became a pastime, these tourist camps started to emerge as a place for motorists to stay over for the night. At first they had no amenities but were simply a place to sleep. Over time amenities such as kitchens and bathrooms were added. A Very Modest Cottage by Tereasa Surratt is a fun book and has some good history on tourist camps.

O ur first cabins were built around 1929 and the cottages were added in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Over the years there have been many repairs, updates and renovations. We are currently in the middle of a new round of renovations. We are painting, refinishing floors, changing decor, and replacing windows. We like to think of it as up-cycling the cottages.

We refer to our cabins and cottages as vintage because even after tender loving care and much work, they are still 80 years old and like any 80 year old house, they are quirky.

Most of our guests love their stay here because it is nostalgic, reminding them of family trips as kids, or because they prefer the quirky, vintagy, homey atmosphere over a sterile hotel chain. We know we are not for everyone. We work hard to make sure the cottages are clean and in good repair and that the grounds are welcoming.


A llen Shumaker, bought the property in December 2000 and moved into the main house with his two small children. Allen is originally from Columbia, South Carolina where he was a contractor for many years. Ready for a change, he moved to Asheville to study acupuncture. He originally purchased The Pines to provide temporary income and a home for his family while he went to school. He fell in love with the area and all that Asheville has to offer and decided to make it his permanent home.

Using his skills in construction, Allen has personally remodeled the cottages and cabins. During the past 17 years, The Pines has been given a major facelift with upgrades and extensive landscaping. Each cottage in individually furnished and retains its vintage charm while providing all the modern amenities you would find at a hotel.

Professional photographs by >Katie Klein Photography